Customer service

Houpad Data does not consider sales as an end to its relationship with customers. We believe in the importance of customer service with the aim of preserving customers’ rights.
Houpad Data constantly attends to customers’ requests and suggestions and with the help of its professional staff aims to solve the problems in the shortest amount of time. Houpad’s customer service is punctual and available and always puts the customer first.

Inspection and consult

Since Houpad Data believes in sales based on honesty and solving the problems in the most efficient way, we are committed to inspect the customer’s locus and provide them with our professional consult so that they can make and informed decision. Houpad Data’s inspection and consult department provides professional advice in designing an operational environment including design and implementation of network, how to use backup …Read more

About Houpad Data

Houpad Data was established in 1394 with a strong technical and professional support and started its activities in IT business using skilled professionals. The goals of our committed managers and professional colleagues have always  been to realize the needs of our customers and provide them with the best service based on the world’s cutting edge technology all over the country. Customer service is one of the most important …Read more

Houpad, The Art of Smart Support