About Houpad

Houpad Data Network Company which was formed with strong support of technical & professional team in informatics industry   joined in ICT Guild Organization in 2015 and started its activity in IT services. Committed managers and professional colleagues in HoupadData are always following to recognize consumers’ demands and also present optimal services all over the country according to the most advanced technologies in the world.

This Group is continuously trying to raise Iranian‘s scientific and Qualitative level By Facilities and rich technical knowledge.

Houpad Data can satisfy the customers and also create a good sense of purchase for the consumers By presenting continuous information to them, powering their purchase options, supplying best products and providing IT solution along with good support and services.

The process of delivering products to the customers , Checking and selecting models , pricing strategies ,keeping inventory and distributing in sale channel and finally presenting widespread  after-sale services , All are done by experienced experts in Houpad Data Network Company in order to Satisfy the customers in all the aspects . Since the users ‘demands are changing every day, Houpad Data is always trying to recognize customer‘s real demand to present various products.

Houpad Data Network Company started its business in two sections of computer and mobile accessories and succeeded to achieve sales and after-sales service   representation of famous, international brands such as: HOCO, PANACHE, Zotac ,…

Houpad Data After –sales services is one of the main part of our company. In this regard, We are obliged to be responsive to our customers as soon as possible and with accuracy in customer –oriented manner. Houpad Data Services are following to reach Modernism, behavior in line with Global market  and better services .


Houpad Data Network Company intends to be dynamic By supplying modern technological services ( Hardware and Software ) to different segments and industries , and also contribute to increase people’s  scientific level by training to them .