Product introduction Solu-M:

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

Samsung electronic shelf labels (SoluM) is provided in Iran for the first time by Houpad Data company. The application of this product is proved in many industries and business units such as:

  • Retail stores
  • Chain stores
  • Stocks
  • Online shopping
  • Drug stores
  • Factories and production lines


Electronic shelf labels make it possible to eliminate the time consuming and faulty process of using paper labels in addition to many more advantages for the managers, staff and the customers:

  • Just in time price change
  • Integrated and active pricing
  • Decrease in store
  • Reduced store fixed costs
  • Increase employees efficiency
  • Advanced solutions for warehouse and inventory management
  • Promotion management
  • Offline product information for the customers
  • Improving customer’s experience with cutting-edge solutions

System Components:

General components of the system:

  • Server and data base
  • Gateway
  • Software
  • Hardware (ESL)

Houpad Data as the official representative of Solu-M provides, installs and supports the total ESL solution in Iran. The valuable experience of the company in IT areas paves the way for it to provide the best quality of services in system installation and technical support.

Dimensions (mm) 215*215*44
Coverage Radius 25m (Line of sight)
Power voltage 5V
Communication protocol RF2.4 GHz
Operation Temp. 0-50̊ C
Remote controller
Dimensions (mm) 28*68*13.8
Function Tag wake-up
Page up/down
Working range 3 cm
Communication protocol RF2.4 GHz
Operation Temp. 0-50̊ C
Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)
Dimensions (mm) 1.6-7.4 inches
Variety Segment
LCD display
Colors BW
Capabilities Changing display
Button define
Batteries CR2450
Life Time Over 5 Years
(4 updates/day)
Operation Temp. -23-50̊ C